About Us

Established in 2021 our goal is to empower people who have special needs and help them take ownership of their lives. All the directors of Community Support Work Australia have several years of experience in the disability sector, including working directly with participants, managing the participants' NDIS plan, managing disability accommodations, and successfully managing day programmes.

Based on our experience dealing with people with special needs and their families, we know there are big gaps in understanding NDIS and navigating the system. Thus, Community Support Work Australia takes a comprehensive approach and empowers people by coordinating their NDIS plan to achieve their personal best. For this to work, we provide quality and sustainable services and activities that improve physical, social, and mental health.

Our Vision and Mission

Our main goal at Community Support Work Australia is to empower people with special needs and help them to take ownership of their lives. It’s evident that there are major gaps when it comes to understanding NDIS and navigating the system thus we also guide and empower people by coordinating their NDIS plans. This makes them achieve their personal best, as we provide sustainable and quality services to them.


Our Values

We uphold our core values and commit to prioritising our participants' needs and providing a consistently improving, always exceptional service.
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We demonstrate our regard for others by actively listening and paying attention to details.


We strive for excellence by incorporating feedback from participants, families, caregivers, and other stakeholders into our continuous improvement process.


We are dedicated to fostering a culture of teamwork and collaboration in which everyone feels free to express their ideas for the greater good.


We strive to respond swiftly to participant questions and concerns, and we strive to resolve any difficulties as quickly as possible to maintain a high level of service.


We appreciate people, value variety, and are committed to achieving equality. We believe that while we are all unique in our own ways, we all have the right to live in a society where we are treated equally.

Honesty and Integrity

In all we do, say, and produce, we strive for honesty and integrity.